Robotic camera control -
Intelligent assistance system for minimally invasive procedures

For a wide variety of surgical procedures, laparoscopic techniques have become routine and well established. Perfect imaging is the basis for safe and effective surgery. Stable support and flexible positioning of the endoscope are of paramount importance. This is where the SOLOASSIST is ideal, relieving your team’s workload and providing a better work environment for surgical staff and patients.

The SOLOASSIST is produced by AKTORmed GmbH from Germany, and Fresh Pond Ventures is the exclusive distributor of the SOLOASSIST in the United States.

Weight: 25.35 lbs
Compatibility: All commercially available endoscopy optics are compatible 
Approval: FDA 510(k) Cleared / Compliant with CE standards 
Safe working load: 2.2 lbs
Supply voltage: 100 – 240 Volt, 47 – 63 Hz 

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The Assistance System for MIS Procedures

  • Full functionality for visceral, urological, gynecological, and bariatric surgery
  • A stable and shake-free image enhances the quality of surgery
  • Assistants can focus their full attention on the operating procedure and thus actively support the surgeon

Stable OP Field of Vision

  • The system provides surgeons with a stable and rock-steady OP field of vision, even in extreme endoscopic positions
  • The wide scope of movement allows surgeons full visibility of the operating sites without any restrictions
  • Intuitive to learn and use, with minimal changes to current practices

Safe and Sterile

  • A stable image allows surgeons to work in a more relaxed manner, alleviating physical strain during procedures
  • Extreme camera positions can be maintained for as long as required, which is a clear advantage over manual camera control
  • The arm is covered by a sterile, single-use drape
  • Parts not covered by the drape are autoclavable

Precise Control

  • With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons work with both hands. The SOLOASSIST is controlled by a joystick positioned on the instrument
  • The ergonomic joystick can be adapted to fit almost all commercially available handpieces by using the universal clamp mount
  • The functional and intuitive design of the joystick makes it easy to maneuver and the keypad ensures safety

Dynamic manual positioning

  • At the push of a button, the arm can be manipulated and be pulled into the desired position
  • When the button is released it locks immediately, remaining in the set position
  • The release button is located on the distal end of the arm in an easily accessible position

Straightforward docking

  • Docking the system to the OP table is very simple thanks to the quick-coupling device
  • After the procedure is completed, the arm is simply hung onto the trolley
  • The trolley is fully mobile and is used for storing the SOLOASSIST

Benefits for the surgeon

  • Precise endoscope positioning within a unique range of movement: You determine the image; there are no misunderstandings. Positioning is precise and sensitive. There is no need to alter the way you work, thanks to the unique range of movement.
  • Simple and intuitive operation with a joystick: The human hand is our most accurate and precise tool. Manual work is performed intuitively and without any mental interference. This is why guiding the SOLOASSIST with an ergonomic joystick is simple and effective.
  • Stable positioning of the endoscope to obtain a steady image: Thanks to its carbon structure, the SOLOASSIST is stable and does not vibrate. It does not shake or tilt the horizon, offering a relaxed and fatigue-free work environment.
  • Unhindered access to the OP sites, no bothersome components impeding the trocar area: The SOLOASSIST supports the endoscope from above, leaving ample room for your instruments; there is no need to alter the way you normally work.
  • Simple handling, can be set up and is ready for use in just a few minutes: Quick and easy set-up and disassembly. The SOLOASSIST is attached directly to the operating table and covered with a sterile drape while the patient is being prepared for surgery.
  • Reusable: Thanks to the flexible concept of autoclavable components, the SOLOASSIST is ready for the next surgical intervention immediately after completion of the last.

Advantages for the clinic

  • Relieving pressure on valuable employees: For an assistant, static holding of an endoscope is tiresome work. This task is now dealt with by our devices, thus freeing up the assistant who can then focus on higher value tasks.
  • Better scheduling efficiency: The SOLOASSIST is always available to provide assistance - in the evening, at night, and on weekends.
  • SOLOASSIST - An image boost for your clinic: Those running a clinic are increasingly faced with competition for patients and qualified personnel from other clinics and hospitals. In addition to medical competence, a modern and positive image is one of the most important competitive advantages. Document your leadership in terms of innovation by implementing robotic surgery using the SOLOASSIST.
  • Compatibility: The SOLOASSIST is compatible with all commercially available operating tables and endoscopes, thus protecting your investments. Set-up and disassembly of the system can be performed in conjunction with your usual preparation procedures and do not add to operating time.
  • Cost-effective: The SOLOASSIST is completely maintenance free. Expenditure for disposable drapes is negligible.
  • SOLOASSIST - An surgical asset, also for training: Being relieved of the tiresome task of having to guide the endoscope, an assistant physician has more time to follow his or her instructors’ explanations more attentively and is thus able to be integrated as an equal and valued team member in a shorter period of time.

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